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After 20+ years in Berlin wowing crowds in an offshoot of Cirque De Soleil whilst creating epic ambient, jazz, and soundtrack projects, Tobias helped make a birthday song for his cousin's newborn son. Little did he know (though he should have, considering their award-winning animation and audiobook history) that this would lead to a double-album genre-spanning behemoth! Tobias helped Brooke compose, perform, and mix some of DADBOD's standout tracks, added mastering shine, and somehow made the accordion cool again. 

Matt Miller punk rock Saccharine & Cyanide Dadbod Brooke Burgess Shadowland Superboo guitar bass mixing Sweden

Saccharine & Cyanide

Matt Miller's SACCHARINE & CYANIDE ain't your mama's everyday production shop. He gets his hands (and ears) dirty, focusing on developing the creative potential of your sonic vision. Songwriting, arrangement, sound design, crest mixing and bespoke music are on the menu. For DADBOD, Matt brought his A-game, adding melodic weight and guitar muscle to rockin' standouts Superboo, Shadowland, and the album's title track.  

Andrii Brynzak, Dadbod, WHEN, Que Sera, Bryan May, Queen, guitars, Ukraine, composer, Brooke Burgess


Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, Andrii is a composer, arranger, and Queen-loving guitar god. With thunder and lightning signalling his arrival in blistering synthwave and post-rock style, he transformed two 11th hour tracks — WHEN and Que Sera — into colossal sonic tsunamis. Collaboration, original songs, movie soundtracks — this 'east side' musical wunderkind's the real deal.